Corporate identity

At Solutional, we are passionate about our profession and try to lead the way in putting knowledge to work. Our culture is best characterized as open, informal, energetic and ambitious with a strong ‘esprit de corps’ (team spirit).

We believe our clients are served best when our organization enables our people to be at their best. Our focus on a work-life-growth balance aims to achieve optimal congruence between our people’s individual ambitions and the organisational needs as a whole. This results in a service level where we continuously aim to exceed our client’s expectations.

We encourage our people to step out of their comfort zones and explore their horizons. This means we enable people to seize business opportunities, acquire knowledge and to develop and improve their skills in order to grow as a person. Through focus on personal growth, our people attain and refine the qualities that authenticate them. We aim to learn from each other and share our knowledge with our clients.

As an organisation, we have learned that focusing on goal congruence creates intrinsic motivation, commitment to personal growth, innovation, trust and (most importantly) very positive upward spiraling energy. This energy is the foremost contributor to our ‘Value through Expertise’!


Visiting address

Postal address

Arentsburghlaan 3 Arentsburghlaan 3
The Netherlands The Netherlands


Chamber of Commerce registration numbers:

Solutional Holding B.V. – 27283823
Solutional Advisory Services B.V. – 27287306
Solutional Financial Reporting B.V. – 27282781
Solutional Assurance Services B.V. – 27301906

VAT numbers:

Solutional Holding B.V. – NL8155.13.331.B01
Solutional Advisory Services B.V. – NL8156.07.052.B01
Solutional Financial Reporting B.V. – NL8155.29.879.B01
Solutional Assurance Services B.V. – NL8180.88.370.B01

General Terms and Conditions (in Dutch)


NBA registration

Solutional is registered at The Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (Dutch: ‘Koninklijke Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants’) and is therefore subject to the behavioural and professional guidelines for chartered accountants in The Netherlands (see

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